SMEHNSER X Woofy PediPurrfect Pets Nails Trimmer

SMEHNSER X Woofy PediPurrfect Pets Nails Trimmer

82 total reviews


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SMEHNSER X Woofy PediPurrfect Pets Nails Trimmer

SMEHNSER X Woofy PediPurrfect Pets Nails Trimmer

82 total reviews


Regular price $31.00 USD
Regular price $15.00 USD
Sale price $31.00 USD
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Introducing the Woofy Pedipurrfect™ Grinder, a revolutionary nail trimmer meticulously designed with your pet's well-being in mind.

🐾 Safety First: Safeguard your pet's nails from potential injuries.

🐾 Whisper-quiet Operation: Experience tranquility during grooming sessions.

🐾 Gentle Ultralight Vibration: Keep your goofy friend calm with minimal vibration.

🐾 USB chargeable using a USB cable for your ease.

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Easy to Use

No additional setup required, No additional equipment needed.

Money Back Gurantee

If you are not satisfied with it, return it worry free. No questions.

High Quality

It can go for years without any issue. Its made up of solid material

Nail Grinding, Redefined: Embrace Painless Perfection

Is your pet scared of nail trimming? Don't worry; we've got the solution! With our nail grinder, you can precisely trim your pet's nails to be round and smooth without any worries about cutting too much or causing pain or bleeding. Your pet's paws will be soft, and your home will be safe from scratches. Say goodbye to nail-trimming stress.

Save Big on Grooming Costs: Do It Yourself

Say goodbye to expensive vet visits and pricey groomer appointments! Now, with just one smart purchase, you can become a grooming hero for your furry friend, without any worries or risks involved. Discover the joy of DIY pet grooming - it's super easy and fun! Take charge, save money, and groom your adorable companion like a pro. Watch your pet's happiness soar, and your wallet breathe a sigh of relief. Become the master of your pet's style, and let the bond between you and your furry buddy grow even stronger. Get ready to unleash your pet's true beauty, all from the comfort of your own home!

How To Use


Introduce the grinder

Show your pet the grinder and let them sniff and touch it!


Introduce your bestie to the vibes

Turn the grinder on near or around your pet.


Positive Association

Give your furry friend lots of love, pets, and of course, treats for positive reinforcement!


Adjust grinder speed

For the first few times, keep the protective cap on and grind at the lowest speed.


Grind in small bursts

Grind one nail at a time in 5-second increments to avoid overheating. Be sure to give treats and playtime between each nail!


Leave appropriate nail length and shape

Leave about 0.08 inch of the nail from the quick (the sensitive part that’s pink). Then slowly grind each side of the nail into an arrow-shape.


Polish the nail

Use the soft grinder head to polish the nails for a smooth finish, so the nails don’t catch on anything.



You’ve reached the end of your spa’w day with your best friend lookin’ and feelin’ good!

USB Charging for Ultimate Convenience

Forget about buying batteries! Our grinder comes equipped with a handy USB port and cable, making charging a breeze. Once fully charged, it can keep going for up to 2 whole hours! Say hello to hassle-free grooming sessions without worrying about running out of power. Get ready to groom your pet with ease and convenience

Low Noise and Vibration for Happy Grooming

Experience the tranquility of low vibration and the hush of low noise with our pet nail grinder. No more loud, scary noises to startle your furry friend during grooming time. This gentle touch ensures a stress-free and soothing experience for your pet, making nail trimming a breeze for both of you. Keep the peace and maintain your pet's serenity with our low vibration, low noise grinder

Effortless Grooming with Detachable Grinding Wheel!

Cleaning the grinding diamond bit is a piece of cake – it's conveniently detachable! A soft towel and tissue are all you need to rub the surface gently, ensuring it retains its maximum effectiveness.

Perfect for pets of all size

Our grinder comes with three size openings to suit different-sized nails. Choose a suitable one according to the size and characteristics of your pet's nail.

WoofyGoofy Difference

Why? Here's what sets us apart:

Premium Quality

Our products are top-notch, every time! We focus on pet comfort and safety first, and take care to ensure that every grooming product is perfect, with our quality control department inspecting each and every item before it ships.

Innovative Design

We believe every pet deserves the best—and we’re dedicated to creating the top products on the market. Our innovative designs, like our WoofyGoofy Nail Grinder, with whisper-quiet and ultralight vibration, are changing the game for at-home pet care.


We’re focused on making pets (and their people) happy. Every product is made with pets in mind—from our quiet, pet-friendly Nail Grinder to our delicious, nutritious chews.

Excellent Service

We want every pet and person using our products to LOVE them. In fact, we think of you as part of our WoofyGoofy family. Our customer service team is here to help every step of the way. We provide top-notch customer service Monday-Friday 9am-5pm MST.

100% Tail-Waggin Happiness Guaranteed

Our products are backed by a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, we will do whatever it takes to make it right.

One Year Warranty

Our products are made with premium-quality materials, however, accidents happen! If your grinder breaks, you lose it or it becomes defective for any reason reach out to us and we will happily send you a replacement as long as it’s within the warranty period.

Common Customer Questions

Here are some questions our customers ask before making a final decision. It’s based on actual feedback from happy WoofyGoofy owners, technical product specifications, and thorough product testing:

Dogs needs to have their nails shortened frequently to avoid injuries from overgrown nails. But the process may not be that simple, especially with scared dogs. To ensure a positive experience for your pooch, you should use the WoofyGoofy nail grinder. It's a safe device for your puppy. It allows you to grind in short bursts, so you can have full control of the trimming process and see where you’re grinding. WoofyGoofy comes with a safety cap that protects your dog’s paws from overcutting and has two speeds that are adjustable according to the thickness of the nails.

You should consider a few features when buying a nail grinder: silence and low vibrations, as dogs have sensitive ears and usually don’t like to feel something vibrating against their skin. WoofyGoofy nail grinder is great for your dog since it doesn't have a significant level of buzz and vibration, ensuring a comfortable and pet-friendly experience for your pooch.

Large dogs need to trim their nails regularly for more comfort when walking. As they have thicker nails, it’s recommended to use a nail grinder with interchangeable heads, so that you can use a hard grinding bit on your big dog’s nails. WoofyGoofy nail grinder is ideal for large dogs as it supports different grinding heads, and also offers hard grinding heads that are ideal for big-sized pets.

Small dogs have delicate nails that can easily bruise if not trimmed regularly. As they have thinner nails, it’s recommended to use a nail grinder with a soft grinding head included for a smooth trim. You can use WoofyGoofy on your small pooch once you exchange the grinding bit for a soft head, which ensures an easy and pet-friendly trimming for your puppy.

There are a few characteristics you should look for in a nail grinder: it has to be silent, with low vibrations, different speed options, and a safety cap included. It’s also important to look for USB rechargeable grinders that are comfortable for you to hold. The best one available on the market is WoofyGoofy. This nail grinder has all the best features you should be looking for. WoofyGoofy stands out from other brands, like Dremel, for being whisper-quiet, having ultralight vibrations, and a protective cap. If you have a sensitive dog, WoofyGoofy is the best choice.

The price of a nail grinder varies according to its features. You should look for one that is reasonably priced and includes low noise and vibration, different speeds, and a safety cap. WoofyGoofy is the most powerful and cost-effective nail grinder available on the market. It’s whisper-quiet, has ultralight vibration, two speeds, a safety cap, is USB rechargeable and it has the same price as other nail grinders with less features.

Dog nail grinders can work with a power outlet, AA batteries, or USB rechargeable batteries. The most flexible ones are the USB rechargeable, as they’re flexible to use anywhere with full power. Lucky Tail is one of the most time-saving nail grinders. After a quick 1-hour charge with a wire, it operates uninterruptedly for 4 hours. You can use it for weeks, during several quick grinding sessions with your pet.

Additional General Questions

All orders are shipped from our warehouse, which is in Salt Lake City, USA. Delivery time depends on your location (State/Country). You can check the average delivery times below:

USA: 5-10 days
CANADA: 10-15 days
ASIA: 10-15 days
EUROPE: 10-15 days
AUSTRALIA: 10-15 days
AFRICA: 10-15 days
SOUTH AMERICA: 10-15 days

International delivery times may vary. We understand your concern and we appreciate your patience - we are doing all we can to ensure safe and reliable shipments to our customers.

WoofyGoofy's unique design and the whisper-quiet technology were created in California, USA. The product itself and the top quality grinding heads are manufactured in Asia. We assure that only the best quality WoofyGoofy devices and grinding heads reach our customers, as our quality control department inspects each and every product manufactured.

Grinder heads are designed to last at least a few months, however it depends on how often you will be using the device. We suggest purchasing additional grinding heads with your WoofyGoofy dog nail grinder which you can use to replace your old, worn out one. If you already own a WoofyGoofy, you can buy additional grinding heads here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Seraphina Wilson
"Versatile - Perfect for All Pet Sizes"

"Perfect for multi-pet households! This trimmer works great on both small and large pets."

Gabriel Flores
"Low Noise, High Praise: The Nail Trimmer for Your Pet Crew!"

"I'm thrilled with this trimmer's performance! The detachable grinding wheel makes cleaning a breeze, and my pets' nails are perfectly maintained."

Ava Anderson
"No More Pet Nail Trimming Fears!"

"I can't believe how smooth and quick nail trimming has become! This trimmer is a dream come true for my busy schedule, and my pets seem to enjoy it too."

Aria Bell
"Groom with Confidence: The Nail Trimmer You Can Trust!"

"This trimmer is a pet owner's dream come true! It's so gentle that my cat purrs throughout the entire grooming process. The convenience of USB charging is a big plus!"

Ragnar King
"Confident and Worry-Free Grooming"

"This nail trimmer is a lifesaver! I can now confidently groom my pets without any worries."